Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Update" or "I'm not dead yet!"

Yeah... I know... It's been a while since I've posted. Sue me. On second thought, don't sue me. I can't afford a lawsuit these days.

I figured I'd post a brief update on my life so far.
I'm in Bible College
More specifically, International Bible College in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Never heard of it? I'm not surprised. It's the only Church of God Bible college in North America, and it's in a small town.
There's 11 of us here right now, 4 of which are first-year students [myself included]. We're a great bunch of people, but we're all weirdos for our own unique reasons. Heck, we're so weird that one of us has a Mac! Not me, unfortunately.
We've also had to pick tasks to do around the campus. I chose to be one of the evening cooks; when I told my mother this, she simply laughed and said, "Can't escape from the kitchen, can you?" [A bit of BG information is needed here: I love cooking. Heck, I did most of the cooking back when I lived at home.]
I've also done my first ministry trip, which was actually my home church back in Regina. The College is doing these sort of things all year to show people that the money that they're donating to the college is not wasted. Needless to say, my church was pleased with the service. I helped operate the sound board and the slide show, which was enjoyable. I'm hoping to be able to do a sermon or two somewhere down the road. There was another trip down to Estevan, but I wasn't a part of that one [It was just the Drama Team]. Our next trip is to Manitoba.

I'm Diabetic
Yeah, My family and I figured I'd get it some time, but not this early. I've been a Type 2 Diabetic since Mid-August of 2008. Being type 2 means that I don't have to take insulin, but I've got more drugs in me than Keith Richards. But at least they're good drugs.

I figured this would be a sufficient update for now. I'll try to be more frequent in my blogging these days, since I've got almost 24-7 access to my computer.

This is Chaotic Void taking off, eh?

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